America at war, from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror, [compiled by] the History Channel
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  • America at war, from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror, [compiled by] the History Channel
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  • America at war
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  • from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror
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  • [compiled by] the History Channel
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  • From the first musket shots at Lexington and Concord to the precision-guided munitions in modern-day Baghdad, America's history has been forged in the heart of battle. Charts U.S. military conflict over two centuries. Explores key moments of the American Revolution, the Alamo, the Civil War, World Wars I and II, as well as the conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and Iraq. Draws upon the expertise of noted historians, military authorities, engineers, and war correspondents to convey the personal side of conflict. A trove of archival footage and documents bring viewers closer than ever to the heated heart of combat
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Table of contents
  • [Disc 1] The Revolutionary War: volume I: The American Revolution: the conflict ignites ; The American revolution: 1776 -- [Disc 2] The Revolutionary War: volume II: The American Revolution: Washington and Arnold ; The American Revolution: the world at war -- [Disc 3] The Revolutionary War: volume III: The American Revolution: England's last chance ; The American Revolution: birth of the republic -- [Disc 4] The Alamo: volume IV: The Alamo: remember the Alamo ; The Alamo: the real West: the Battle of the Alamo -- [Disc 5] The Civil War: volume V: Civil War combat: The hornet's nest at Shiloh ; Civil War combat: The bloody lane at Antietam -- [Disc 6] The Civil War: volume VI: Civil War combat: the wheatfield at Gettysburg ; Civil War combat: the tragedy at Cold Harbor
  • [Disc 7] World War I: volume VII: The death of glory ; The last day of World War I -- [Disc 8] World War II: volume VIII: The last days of World War II -- [Disc 9] World War II: volume IX: USS Eagle 56: accident or target? ; Last secrets of the Axis -- [Disc 10] The Korean War: volume X: The Korean War: making of a bloodbath ; The Korean War: triumph to tragedy ; The Korean War: retreat from hell ; The Korean war: bitter standoff -- [Disc 11] The Vietnam War: volume XI: Vietnam: on the frontlines: America enters the war ; Vietnam: on the frontlines: Tet in Saigon and Hue ; Vietnam: on the frontlines: ringing down the curtain ; Vietnam: on the frontlines: the end game
  • [Disc 12] The Gulf War: volume XII: Operation Desert Storm: the air campaign ; Operation Desert Storm: the ground war ; Operation Desert Storm: the final showdown -- [Disc 13] The Iraq war: volume XIII: One year later: invasion ; One year later: tough going ; One year later: Baghdad's doorstep -- [Disc 14] The Iraq War: volume XIV: One year later: fall of Saddam ; One year later: aftermath
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