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Imagining India, the idea of a renewed nation, Nandan Nilekani

Imagining India, the idea of a renewed nation, Nandan Nilekani
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Includes bibliographical references (p. [471]-480) and index
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non fiction
Main title
Imagining India
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Nandan Nilekani
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the idea of a renewed nation
"India's recent economic boom has triggered tremendous social, political, and cultural change. The result is a country that, while managing incredible economic growth, has also begun to fully inhabit its role on the world political stage. In this far-ranging look at the central ideas that have shaped this young nation, the author offers an original interpretation of the country's past, present, and future. He traces the efforts of the country's past and present leaders as they work to develop new frameworks that suit India's specific characteristics and challenges. He charts the ideas that are crucial to India's current infrastructure revolution and quest for universal literacy, urbanization, and unification; maps the ideological battlegrounds of caste, higher education, and labor reform; and argues that only a safety net of ideas--from social security to public health to the environment--can transcend political agendas and safeguard India's economic future." -- Publisher's description
Table Of Contents
pt. 1. India reimagined. Ideas that have arrived -- India, by its people -- From rejection to open arms: the entrepreneur in India -- The Phoenix tongue: the rise, fall, and rise of English -- From maneaters to enablers -- Home and the world: our changing seasons -- The deepening of our democracy -- A restless country -- pt. 2. All aboard. Ideas in progress -- S is for schools: the challenges in India's classrooms -- Our changing faces: India in the city -- The long roads home -- Erasing lines: our emerging single market -- Moving deadlines -- pt. 3. Fighting words. Ideas in battle -- The sound and the fury: our biggest fights -- Jostling for jobs -- Institutions of sand: our universities -- A fine balance -- pt. 4. Closer than they appear. Ideas to anticipate -- ICT in India: from Bangalore one to country one -- Changing epidemics: from hunger to heart disease -- Our social insecurities: the missing demographic -- The forest for the trees: India's environment challenge -- Power plays: in search of our energy solutions -- The network effect -- The awakened country

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