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Laverne & Shirley, The second season

Laverne & Shirley, The second season
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Laverne & Shirley
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"Reminisce with the tough-talking, street-smart Laverne De Fazio, the bright-eyed, naïve Shirley Feeney, and their eccentric but loveable neighbors, Lenny & Squiggy."--Container
Table Of Contents
disc 1. Drive! She said (The fun shifts into high gear when the girls buy some wheels, especially since Laverne can't drive.) -- Angels of mercy (Love is the catalyst for Laverne's decision to volunteer at a hospital.) -- Bachelor mothers (The girls babysit an infant whose mother is traveling with Fonzie.) -- Excuse me, may I cut in? (Richie and Potsie are recruited to help the girls win a new TV in a dance contest.) -- Bridal shower (Laverne and Shirley become depressed when they're invited to a bridal shower.) -- Look before you leap (Laverne can't recall how she behaved at a brewery party.)disc 2. Dear future model (Laverne and Shirley enroll in a modeling school in hopes of attracting men.) -- Good time girls (The girls get plenty of offers for dates after Icky Hector puts their names and phone numbers on several men's room walls.) -- Two of our weirdos are missing (Laverne and Shirley try to find Lenny and Squiggy when they disappear.) -- Oh hear the angels' voices (Laverne and Shirley and their friends entertain at a hospital Christmas party.) -- Guilty until proven not innocent (Laverne is accused of shoplifting when a handkerchief falls in her purse.) -- Birthday show (The gang relives the past while waiting for the girls to arrive at their surprise party.)disc 3. Playing hooky (Laverne and Shirley play hooky and have a disastrous day.) -- Guinea pigs (The girls volunteer to be subjects for a science experiment.) -- Call me a taxi (Laverne and Shirley work as dime-a-dance girls to make a living.) -- Steppin' out (Everything goes wrong when the girls prepare for their "dream" dates.) -- Buddy, can you spare a father? (Shirley's dad comes to visit and then disappears.) -- Honeymoon hotel (Problems arise when Shirley wins a contest.)disc 4. Hi, neighbor book II (Laverne and Shirley step in when Lenny and Squiggy get stood up.) -- Frank's fling (Frank's new love interest decides to change his life.) -- Haunted house (It becomes a scary proposition when Laverne and Shirley need a new sofa.) -- Lonely at the middle (Shirley's promotion leads to a bitter response by her coworkers.) -- Citizen Krane (A wealthy man wants to sponsor Laverne and Shirley's "singing" careers.)
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Laverne and Shirley, The second season
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