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El ickabog, J.K. Rowling ; [traducción, Gemma Roviera Ortega]

El ickabog, J.K. Rowling ; [traducción, Gemma Roviera Ortega]
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El ickabog
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J.K. Rowling ; [traducción, Gemma Roviera Ortega]
The kingdom of Cornucopia was once the happiest in the world. It had plenty of gold, a king with the finest moustache one could possibly imagine, and butchers, bakers, and cheesemongers whose exquisite foods made a person dance with delight when they ate them. Everything was perfect--except for the misty Marshlands to the north, which, according to legend, were home to the monstrous Ickabog. Anyone sensible knew that the Ickabog was just a myth to scare children into behaving. But the funny thing about myths is that sometimes they take on a life of their own. Could a myth unseat a beloved king? Could a myth bring a once happy country to its knees? Could a myth thrust two children into an adventure they didn't ask for and never expected?
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